Keywords Research in Digital Marketing

Keywords Research in Digital Marketing Value of Keywords Keyword value is one of the things you need to consider when doing keyword research, and you can do this from two perspectives — objective and subjective. The objective value of a keyword refers to the general parameters provided by various tools. There are many parameters that describe the objective value of a keyword, but the two most important are: The subjective value of a keyword tells you how much it might be worth to your site and your business profile. To figure this out, you need to answer some questions first. Does this keyword fit your site? Will users be satisfied when they get to your site looking for this phrase?  Will the traffic created by this keyword be financially beneficial? If you answered YES to all those questions, then using this keyword might turn out to be profitable and you can try to optimize your site around it. Types of Keywords As not all keywords are created equally, they can be divided into two main groups, depending on how often users search for them: head keywords and long-tail keywords. Head Keywords The most common search terms are called head keywords. While these keywords may be popular, most of these … Continue reading Keywords Research in Digital Marketing