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Laravel is a high-performance PHP framework with a very short learning curve. It’s a free open supply web application development framework that promotes clean, dry design. Its component-based style allows the user to customize it based on their requirements without directly modifying it. Laravel could be a perfect alternative for any sized project. The user is having full authority over the configuration. It comes packaged with tools to assist, test and debug the applying and has clear and comprehensive documentation. Laravel could be a generic web programming framework that is lightweight and equipped with sophisticated caching solutions. It is chiefly suitable for developing high-traffic web applications.

There square measure some exceptions wherever we don’t use Laravel, like when building CMS-based websites. We then use WordPress. Our Swedish manager has had in-depth experience with PHP since 2001. He has been working on-site in India since 2004 and one of his core responsibilities is to oversee the recruitment and training of top Laravel talent.

Laravel is a power-packed PHP web development framework. We use it to rapidly build production-quality web applications that are well structured, easy to maintain, robust fraught, and secure. At fast, we have worked with many web frameworks, but Laravel is the only one that gets our development team excited!

Not for a website, we use Laravel to build backend business platforms, order management code, subscription platforms, learning management systems, and a host of other web-based applications. It’s conjointly a good framework to handle authentication of mobile app users and to deliver content to mobiles via its API.

Laravel has a giant community of developers globally, making it a safe selection for your next project. It is the quickest growing PHP framework, associated is an element of a system that includes conferences, online training, server management, online deployments, and a SaaS starter kit.

  • Eloquent ORM, the advanced active-record-pattern implementation
  • Query builder as an alternative to Eloquent ORM, for direct access to the database.
  • Support of database platforms including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer.
  • Restful state control over controller methods.
  • Blade templating engine, simple yet flexible.
  • IO component to handle requests and responses.
  • Artisan command-d along with sample codes line interface.
  • Unit testing support.
  • Class autoloader.

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