Magento Product Managment

Webarian Softwares is a custom house that includes an eCommerce solution on Magento. Magento is the most powerful e-commerce platform. More than 22 commercial locations worldwide Built with Magento. In addition to the free version from the open source community, Magento offers powerful solutions for managing inventory, shipping accounts, coupons and discounts, payment gateway integration, fully customizable themes, and a nifty API . Driven by our passion to provide the highest quality service and continuous innovation, we have delivered over 25+ Magento sites to date. With our deep e-commerce knowledge and the help of Magento, you can turn your brick-and-mortar business into an omnichannel powerhouse. Our graphics team has a creative eye for making stores beautiful, device-friendly and responsive, and for delivering a great brand and user experience.

Magento Development Process

Study on Business Pattern
A business model is a model of your operations and processes. In theory and practice, a business model represents the basic aspects of a business, such as purpose, procedures, infrastructure, organizational structure, target customers, operational processes, policies, etc. Studying business models is the cornerstone of Magento projects.

Analyzing Requirements
Requirements analysis is a very important part of Magento development. Different product, performance, security or class requirements may vary from project to project. After analyzing the requirements, we define the client’s needs in a clear written format.

Defining Scope and Simplifying
Project scoping is part of project planning. It defines the boundaries of the project and the number of deliverables we have to prepare during the project life cycle. We streamline delivery before work begins.

Selecting a Promising Solution by Involving The Expert’s Judgment
In all organizations, experts are always an asset. Our e-commerce industry experts at Webarian Software can save you a lot of time during the planning process. They can highlight risks, improve product quality, and provide accurate predictions for your Magento projects.

Designing System Architecture, User Interface and User Experience
Webarian software experts will define the Magento system architecture, including the development method (Rational, Waterfall, Agile, etc.), how modules interact with Magento, the recovery system, and more. Web software designers will design the interface and front-end presentation for end users.

Development, Testing and Debugging
This is the construction phase of the project. Testing and debugging are two parallel processes necessary to ensure that the project achieves its optimal goals.

Deployment for Live
After the customer has passed the User Acceptance Test (UAT), we release the project live. At this point, we start using Google Analytics to collect user behavior on the website.

Maintenance is one of the most important parts of the Magento development lifecycle. Maintenance activities include enhancements, bug fixes, enhancements to existing features, and more.

Why should you choose webarian softwares for Magento:

  • Get the complete e-commerce experience
  • We have experience in 25+ projects that started with Magento and have expanded to include multi-channel e-commerce businesses.
  • We are recommended and trusted. 99% customer retention rate. We build long-term partnerships with our clients
  • We have extensive experience in multi-channel e-commerce project management
  • Our dedicated Magento developers have extensive experience with Magento Core features.
  • Extensive experience integrating third-party software using the Magento API
  • We have the best practices and strategies for starting an eCommerce business
  • Good communication and cooperation
  • We offer very competitive prices. As low as $500.00