Mobile Based App


Mobile Based App

Mobile technology is constantly and rapidly changing. Operating systems as Android and iOS are under constant development. Changes to the OS can affect your deployed mobile applications in various ways. Some functionality may become deprecated. New capabilities may be introduced that enables apps to be extended and improved. Changes in security may necessitate updates to application code. Keeping up with technology can be a distraction from supporting your business functionality in your mobile apps. Keeping abreast of technologies like iOS and Android is a core function of our business. That’s why we take a partnership approach with clients of our mobile development services that enables them to focus on their business and rely on Webarian Software for up-to-date technology.

Android has crushed the ice in the OS industry and has enabled its user to explore the world with ease. Android is everywhere, and it has increased the utilization of Mobiles devices. the factors which put Android an outstanding Operating system are its lightweight and compatibility will the hardware devices. It has enabled developers to create a lot of user-friendly applications and the user experience is awe-inspiring.

Android is now being used by Billions of users across the world and it has substantially impacted the business across the Mobile Market.

Our developers have studied the impact which has completely helped the business to grow and develop their business utilities.

Our developers are aiding our clients to develop a lightweight application to handle the traffic coming from the online.


Whether you need an app as a product in and of itself, or as a component to some product (to remotely control a digital camera or review data generated by some wearable device, for example), or as embedded software in an IoT hardware device, First Line Software has expert android and iOS analysts, development teams and project managers that can deliver the apps you need, rapidly, and at a competitive cost.

The skills and competencies we bring to the table include:

Enterprise mobile strategy analysis and design App user experience (UX) design and development (UX is a make-or-break issue for any mobile app!)

Translating heritage desktop features and functionality to the Android world Mobile application development, testing, and deployment Integration with back-end systems.

The benefits of investing in a mobile app -

  • Access anywhere, anytime.
  • Customer engagement in real-time
  • Fast, simple, & easy to Use
  • Mobile payments are easier
  • Mobile customer loyalty programs build loyal customers.
  • Inform users of new products and offers in real-time
  • Offer customer service & support
  • Social is mobile.
  • Stand out from the competition

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