Web Development Training

For those seeking to learn the php programming language, the IT Training Institute offered by webarian Software Private Limited in Lucknow, India is a top choice. Boasting a well-crafted curriculum, our php course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to secure a regular job as a Web Developer.


Our Training Modules
  • Introduction to HTML

  • Structure of HTML

  • Attributes & Values

  • Comments, Header Tags

  • Image Tag

  • Link Tags (Text & Image)

  • List Tag (Ordered & Unordered)

  • Table Tag

  • Audio, Video Tags

  • Embedding of Google Maps


  • SQL Introduction

  • Creating, Selecting, Dropping Database in MySQL

  • Creating, Inserting, Updating Tables in MySQL

  • Connecting PHP and MySQL

  • MySQL Data Types

  • MySQL Database and Queries

  • MySQL Insert into

  • MySQL Select

  • MySQL Where Clause

  • MySQL Order By Keyword

  • MySQL Group By and Order By

  • MySQL Joins

  • MySQL Update

  • MySQL Delete Form

  • Normalization


JavaScript (JS)
  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • Variable , Operators , Conditions

  • Looping and Array

  • Introduction to functions

  • Popup Boxes (Alert ,Confirm ,Prompt)

  • Form Handling

  • Pre- defined functions

  • Client Side Validation (Regular Expression)


  • What is CSS?

  • Three Types Of CSS (Inline, Internal And External)

  • Basic CSS Properties

  • Tag Selector, Id Selector and Class Selector

  • CSS Margins and Padding

  • CSS Text Properties

  • CSS Background

  • CSS Anchors, Links

  • Grouping and Nesting of Selectors

  • Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Element


  • Introduction to PHP

  • PHP Syntax

  • PHP Variables

  • PHP Operators

  • PHP Control Flow

  • PHP Expressions

  • PHP Loops

  • PHP Arrays

  • PHP Functions

  • PHP String Function

  • PHP Date & Time Functions

  • PHP Include() and Require() statements

  • PHP Session and Cookie

  • PHP Header Function

  • Forms and User Input

  • $_GET and $_POST


Why Join Us For php Training
  • At Webarian Software, you can receive top-quality PHP training in Lucknow that is tailored to current industry trends.
  • Our training includes hands-on experience with real industry projects to ensure you are well-equipped with the necessary skills to succeed.
  • The php training program at Webarian Software is under the guidance and management of seasoned industry experts and developers with over a decade of experience in managing php-based projects in Lucknow.
  • The training modules provided by Webarian Software exclusively consist of practical sessions.
  • Upon completion of the training course, candidates will be equipped with the necessary skills to effectively manage intricate and challenging scenarios within the IT industry.
  • This includes handling difficult situations that may arise in the course of their work.
    By beginning your journey to learn PHP at Webarian Software in Lucknow, even as a novice, you can eventually become a certified PHP developer. The certification that we offer is a testament to the skills and knowledge you will acquire through our program.