Magento Contribution in eCommerce Development

Magento Contribution in eCommerce Development The vision of Magento eCommerce Web Development In the upcoming future where the customer experience is paramount, and all retailing commerce would be eCommerce, Adobe enables the world’s best brands to deliver the world’s best commerce experiences. The founding principles of Magento are: Open Agile Innovative It is a global force in eCommerce with Webarian Softwares, Top platform as an internet retailer, Gartner Magic QuadrantTM for Digital Commerce, and the largest e-commerce system. Why Magento is a market leader in eCommerce? The leadership position of Magento is due to its open-source availability. It is a strong, and global developer ecosystem which leads to a lower total cost of ownership. It is a lucrative economy for business which results in a faster time to market. It can act as an external contribution to the product which leads to rapid innovation and support growth. Magento Contribution in eCommerce Development. Magento Commerce Magento Open-Source No need for a license Comes with license and support No customer support Can develop an enterprise-level application Foundational building block for small businesses Build on the foundational Magento OS for delivering premium capabilities to support growth Common Myths Related To Magento Open Source It is a … Continue reading Magento Contribution in eCommerce Development